Classic International Cruises(To be removed)


Classic International Cruises is the trading name used by World Cruises Agency and the ship-owners they represent.

In stark contrast to the rapid development in recent years of the global cruise conglomerates and the growing trend towards newer larger resort style vessels, World Cruises Agency, acting as Agents for the ship-owners and trading as Classic International Cruises, continue to operate smaller, more traditional tonnage, at the highest standards of customer satisfaction, whilst maintaining their much cherished independence and conservative approach to business and traditional maritime heritage.

While in today's marketplace many of the mainstream cruise line brands have lost their independence, the companies trading under the Classic International Cruises trademark are proud to have retained their autonomy and to have earned the right to be placed within a diminishing elite group of very well established, yet truly independent, shipping companies.

One of Classic International Cruises' unique key operational strengths has been the ability to deploy ships in different markets, providing products that are tailor-made for each specific market.