Getting the Best Deal

At the end of the day, you have to choose
a cruise that you want to go on.

One of the major problems in choosing a cruise at the moment is that there is a bewildering array of discounts and incentives, all seeming to offer outstanding value for money… for a limited time only!

Full page ads in all the major national newspapers offering specific cruises at introductory prices, early booking discounts, free flights, free upgrades, on-board spend, group discounts, late availability with unbelievable prices and more.

It can be confusing and even when you’ve paid for your cruise you can sometimes feel as though you can never be sure that you’ve got the best deal.

Essentially this confusion and seemingly constant discounting has arisen because of the massive increase in cabins available with the new ships coming on line in the last ten years. A cabin is the ultimate perishable commodity in that once the ship sails what was worth £1,000 one day, becomes worthless the next. So Cruise Lines look at an individual cruise and decide what they would like the average price that each customer needs to pay to be, and they will then use a number of marketing and pricing mechanisms to achieve that average.

They want to get a sizable percentage of customers to commit early and they will offer early booking discounts and loyalty incentives in order to achieve that. During the middle phase of the booking process the price will revert more towards a brochure price, with late availability discounts coming into play as the cruise departure date looms closer – with the level of those discounts varying depending on their success in filling that particular cruise up to that point (but beware, if they have been successful in marketing the cruise there may not be any availability at all).

At the end of the day, you have to choose a cruise that you want to go on - with the Cruise Line that appeals to you - on the ship that offers you the best overall array of facilities and style of cruise that suits your requirements. You can then look at the available itineraries and cruise durations to further filter your search. Then, and only then, are you able to look for the best price.

Remember, a bargain is not a bargain if you end up compromising on the holiday you want in order to secure a slightly better price.

5 Handy Hints to follow when booking your No Fly Cruise

1. Find a No Fly Cruise specialist

The importance here is to find a specialist who knows the market – so if you are looking at a No Fly Cruise then a consultant that specialises in No Fly Cruising would be the first place to start. That's where Potters No Fly Cruising comes in :)

2. Narrow down your choice

Use your No Fly Cruise specialist’s knowledge to narrow down your potential shortlist of ideal cruises. For example, ask about different itineraries and durations which will steer your search towards the perfect cruise for you.

3. Check prices

Ask your No Fly Cruise specialist to quote you the best available price or prices for the cruise(s) you have selected. Then it is always advisable to have an understanding of what prices are available through other sources – but remember, you only have a few hours at best to do this as Cruise Line’s no longer hold ‘options’ and so a price may only be valid for a very short period of time.

4. Push your specialist to better the best price available

If you have found a better price for the cruise that you wish to buy, then do go back to where you booked and ask whether they are able to match that price. But remember, if there is only a small difference you may be asking a specialist to forgo their commission to secure the sale – bear in mind that this may even affect the level of service that they can afford to give you in the long run.

5. Protect yourself

Make sure that the insurance you buy covers you for everything that you need; particularly cancellation protection. Your No Fly Cruise specialist will be able to advise you on this but the prices charged can vary widely so do a little bit of investigation. Above all, make sure that any policy you buy is underwritten by a well-known company of repute and that you are truthful when declaring pre-existing medical conditions – if you need to make a claim even a slight variation to the conditions of the policy could end up being very expensive.

Late Cruise Deals

Call us for further advice and information to ensure that the cruise that you have selected is perfect for your requirements. You can talk to one of our cruise specialists and they will do the leg work for you and suggest the perfect cruise, at the very best price, dependent on your individual requirements.

Price Check

Finding and choosing your perfect cruise can be time consuming and confusing - there are many deals around and it becomes difficult to make sure you're getting the best possible price. Take advantage of Potters No Fly Cruising's price check service and we'll search through all available cruise prices to make sure you're getting the very best deal.